Lesson In Marketing From The Balloon Dude

p22-1I took my wife and two daughters to the mall this weekend for some good ol'  family time.

The kids wanted to eat at the rain forest cafe.

It's actually pretty cool cuz there's elephants, gorillas, anacondas and alligators that are life size and move when ever the lightening and thunder effects go on.

They also have these dudes walking around, making balloon animals for the kids...  They pretty much get paid p22-2in tips.

Check out this quick lesson in marketing.

In this video notice the "$5 bill" hanging around the balloon dudes neck...

Also notice my wife giving him a "$5" tip. (Brilliant Subliminal marketing)

Subliminal, suggestive marketing stuff happens to us all the time.

For example...

Do you see the ARROW in the FedEx logo?


Scroll down to see it!

Scroll down!

Scroll down!

Scroll down!


That arrow suggests taking action, to just do it and that FedEx is quick and efficient.

One thing that I've done is put my regular rate next to a totally high amount. (FYI, always put the smallest price LAST... never first, or it will backfire)

For example:

Pre pay 2 years up front  $4,296

6-month agreement just  $197 per month

Doesn't the $197 look WAY LESS expensive then $4,296

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