The Evolution of Fitness Boot Camps


ATTENTION: This may affect you!

p30-2To understand the evolution of the fitness boot camp and how YOU CAN AVOID becoming extinct, listen up.

The second wave of fitness boot camps are here right now!

Let me explain.

It all started with military boot camps, also called basic training.   Usually these boot camps would last about 9 weeks.

Recruits would arrive soft and out of shape but leave supercharged fitness machines.  They would have a drill sergeant screaming at them to try to break them down, forcing all the recruits become one cohesive unit, then build them back up.

Well, some fitness dude got the idea of having a fitness boot camp for the GENERAL PUBLIC... And modeled it after a military boot camp.  And hey, it was pretty cool, especially since there was no competition.

p30-3Then shows like the Biggest loser, and Celebrity Boot Camp kick started a media frenzy resulting in boot camps (following this same model) poping up in every nook and cranny.

Then, one boot camp model became every popular... Mostly cuz it was the only official model around at the time...

The problem was "IT" copied the military model and everyone else copied "IT"

p30-4And that was fine... for the FIRST GENERATION.

But heads up... the second generation has begun, and it makes the old one look like a knuckle dragging caveman.

p30-5So here's a little checklist of six tips to make sure you aren't living in the stone ages.

  1. Don't have boot camps end.  It's pretty crazy that a lot of boot camps expect a hot prospect to wait for the next boot camp to start in a few weeks... That's how you leave money on the table in a hurry!


  2. p30-6Use Auto Debit!  Auto debit is proven to double and triple your income for group training.... and guess what, it works for boot camps too.  Don't take on a second job as an accountant, and a third job as collections agent... FOR FREE!!!! Use auto debit and you'll have longer client retention, less stress, and MO MONEY.


  3. Make sure your not asking for their whole life story on your web sign up form.  Dude, it's way cool that people are conditioned to sign up online for boot camps, but if you are asking for TONS of info, your gonna get a lot of people just saying F%*K that and clicking off!  Just get the basics like Name, number and credit card info... Get the rest in person.


  4. Have long-term auto-debit contracts that automatically become month-to-month when they end.  Sell clients once... not every 4 to 6 weeks because that would be insane in the membrane!


  5. In-door Vs Outdoor - The verdict is in... You will get far more clients in the RIGHT indoor boot camp than at an out door boot camp.  The key is to find the right location... (hint) spring loaded floors... lots of open space...  Built in clientele of 500-3000 moms... (Leave a comment if you know what it is)


  6. p30-7

  7. Remember, your boot camp marketing is most likely attracting 70%-100% women who want to look hot and sexy... Not marines about to go to war.p30-8But don't get me wrong, my instructors and I kick the hell outta our boot campers... We just know how to push that MOTIVATION button, and it's not shooting machine guns (Although that would be WAY friggin cool)


  8. BONUS TIP - Make sure your boot camps can be easily duplicated.  By the time I opened my third boot I realized that it takes less effort to manage other people running my three boot camps, than it did for me to work AT just one.BTW - It really helps that I have the most BADASS team of boot camp instructors on the planet 😀

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