20 Killer Fitness Marketing Tips For Boot Camp 2.0

Posted by on October 14, 2009 at 12:30 am

picture-21Hey, Steve here with 20 killer fitness marketing tips for boot camp 2.0

Ya know how ipods were really cool when they first came out, but then the next generation blew tho old one away?

The same holds true with fitness boot camps.

The old model used to be cool, but boot camp 2.0 leaves it in the dust.

And so you can explode YOUR boot camp, and leave your competition in the dust, I've put together 20 killer fitness marketing tips for boot camp 2.0


1. Use Auto Debit - Your not a bill collector or money chaser... Your a fitness professional, and a damned good one.

You'll have way less headaches and end up makeing a whole lot more cash-o-la with auto debit.

2. Find an "indoor" location - Boot camps are popping up EVERYWHERE, and city officials are starting to crack down on "unauthorized" boot camps in public and private parks.

Negotiate to rent space from cheer, gymnastic, dance and karate studios like in the Fit Body Boot Camp model.

Also no more dealing with cold, dark, damp mornings and wet shoes.3

3. Use Referral Tools - Arm your boot camp members with powerful referral tools like the $100 plastic gift cards.

4. Have cool referral incentives - It's EASY to offer killer referral incentives when your boot campers are on auto-debit.  You can reward them with "half off" their next month of boot camp.

I tell my boot campers that they get to train for free if they can bring me 2 sign ups a month 🙂

5. Use long term contracts - Lock your boot camp members in on 12 month auto-debit contracts.  It will hold them accountable and give you financial stability.

6. Penetrate your clients "inner circles" -  You'll be AMAZED by what connections your clients have. Use the questionnaire below

Sneaky Little Boot Camp Marketing Fundraiser Tactic

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picture-71CRAZY Bootcamp marketing tip at 4:26 into the video
[flv.image= fundraiser.jpg] fundraiser.flv[/flv]

Hey, Steve here -picture-61

I hope you enjoyed meeting my first business mentor and learning some sneaky boot camp marketing tactics.

The key here is to take immediate, measurable and massive action on the fitness marketing tips you've just absorbed.

The Fit Body Boot Camp business model, (opening up again this Wednesday, Oct 14th at 8:00am sharp) is full of ready-to-go, done-for-you boot camp marketing strategies, systems and tactics to EXPLODE your boot camps to six-figures in as little as 60 days.

However, I must warn ya...

Fit Body Boot Camp is NOT a magic bullet that will do all the work for ya...
You have to implement this stuff for it to work (Duh).

With that said...

If you're a massive action taking success minded fitness professional, then we've practically hand you your six-figure income on a silver platter here

So if you would rather DOMINATE the industry with your kick butt boot camps, instead of trying to re-invernt the wheel, then is for you!

Talk to ya soon,

Ps.  If you interested then don't dilly-dally because one a teritory is taken, it's gone for good.

Grab your spot on the "early bird" guest list so you can "cut" in line and secure your Fit Body boot Camp territory a full hour before everyone else here.


Fitness Marketing Out Of Your Comfort Zone Exercise 2

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Sometimes fitness boot camp marketing takes you outta your "comfort zone"

... And to keep your "edge" ya gotta practice being SCARED, and doing it anyway!

So to be fitness marketing warriors, I  decided to take a few fitness professionals on a pitch dark night hike through mountain lion territory.

It got pretty crazy...

Watch what happened.



Be sure to leave a comment with what you do, or have done, to get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE 🙂

But before you do, Check out the single most powerful boot camp marketing system on the planet

There are easily 10 systems to market your fitness boot camp to six figures in 60 days or less here.

Rock on!

Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Mentorship Session

Posted by on October 8, 2009 at 7:11 pm


Now, check out the worlds most powerful formula for total boot camp domination

Talk to ya soon!

PS Take your fitness boot camp business to the next level here

Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Interview With Dustin Maher

Posted by on October 6, 2009 at 8:51 am

4545451Heeey - Steve Hochman here with a KILLER interview with Dustin Maher.

But FIRST...

Check out the 6-Pillars to Boot Camp Success video that Bedros and I shot for you in beautiful Carlsbad California 🙂

A few days ago Dustin sent me a "thank you" email.

In the email he told me that he has 9 boot camp locations and over 300 members in the Madison Wisconsin area.

I called him up and asked him, "How did ya build such a giant boot camp empire"

His answer was, "I just followed the boot camp marketing tips on your blog."

He agreed to share ALL of his boot camp success secrets right here in this AMAZING audio interview.

This is a "MUST LISTEN TO" interview...

So without further ado... HEEEEEEERE'S Dustin!

[media: interview.mp3]

Or you can download it below by right clicking and "save target as" or "save link
Download MP3

Dustin was nice enough to include his copy of the Food Magnet you can Download Here!

To learn more about Dustin Maher check out Madison personal trainer and bootcamps

And be sure to check the Six Pillars To Boot Camp Success

Simple Boot Camp Business Building Tool

Posted by on October 4, 2009 at 5:23 pm


One of the BIGGEST lessons I learned from my very first mentor was to know the difference between spending timeffffh "IN" your business VS. "ON" your business.

Definition of  working "IN" your business - Doing things to maintain your business like:

- Training clients
- Buying equipment
- Writing out workouts
- Going over diets
- Printing out materials and forms
- Accounting

Definition of working "ON" your business - Doing things to grow your business and move it forward like:

- Marketing
- Getting Human Billboards
- Prospecting over the phone
- Prospecting by email
- Networking with other businesses to get referrals
- Building relationships with hair dressers to get referrals
- Picking up new clients at your facility

My mentor told me that 99% of business owners DO NOT know the difference between working "IN" their business Vs. Working "ON" their business.

And because of this, they end up spending most, if not ALL of their time "IN" their business.

I spend about 80% of my time working "ON" my business and only about 20% "IN" my business.

But ya know what?


3 Ways To Rapidly Boost Your Boot Camp Memberships

Posted by on October 2, 2009 at 5:20 pm

picture-1I've been testing some boot camp marketing strategies in our "test kitchen", and I discovered a KILLER way to quickly boost your boot camp memberships.

And like 90% of my outta-the-box boot camp marketing tips, it's SIMPLE and doesn't cost a dame dimn!

So here it is...

I call it the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.

And I'm gonna show ya 3 ways you can use it to get a whole bunch of new boot camp members.

But first, here's how it works.

The program - It's a 21 day boot camp, where the member can come unlimeted times.  This program can be run at the same time as your "regular" program.

In other words, you can mix the "21 day rapid fat loss" members with your current "regular" members.

You will also provide a 21 day accelerated results eating program.

The cost - $97 buck-a-roos

The up-sell - When the 21 day rapid fat loss client comes in on the first day you say this...

"Let's go a head and upgrade you to an additional 7 days for free, making it a "28" Day Rapid fat Loss program for the same price of $97.  But I would like you to sign up for my "regular" month-to-month (auto debit) program.

If after the 28 days, you want to stay on board, then do nothing and we'll start automatically debiting you at our regular price...

If for ANY reason you want to cancel, just let me know within the first 28 days and their will be no hard feelings

Fair enough?

(So you just took a $97 dollar prospect, and converted them to a regular paying client on auto-debit.)

...Ok, now here are three ways to get your 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss clients.


Sharks, Darkness, and Boot Camp Marketing

Posted by on September 29, 2009 at 5:35 pm

So we survived the "Get Out Of  Ya Comfort Zone Pitch Dark Ocean Swim." 😀

It was about 9:30pm on Sunday night...

There was a sliver of moon light.

We started swimming out to sea...

Got about 200 yards

And then it happened (OH S*#T)



Some Dirt On Chris McCombs

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