Insert Dream Here

Posted by on November 19, 2009 at 11:33 pm

picture-62Your friend Steve here and I have a very short, but POWERFUL post for ya.

It's about YOU making some big shit happen in your life.

Not just waking up in the morning to repeat the same day as the one before, but REALLY living the life of your dreams, on purpose, and on YOUR terms.

It's about NOT being an EFFECT, but being the friggin CAUSE.

It's about not just doing, but DOMINATING.

It's about looking in the mirror and seeing a badass business warrior who cannot be stopped.

A warrior who gets knocked down 9 times, smiles and gets up 10 times.

I'm here to tell you that you CAN start living your dream... RIGHT NOW.

You CAN dare to DREAM BIG... I mean BIIIIGGGGG...

Like if you can do ANYTHING, and could not fail... That big.

Like the kind of big that makes you look fear in the face, and say, "Where ya going bitch, let's party..."

A Killer Thanksgiving/Holiday Season Client-Grabber

Posted by on November 18, 2009 at 2:39 am


Hey - Steve here just back from Orlaaaaaando Florida.

We (Me, Bedros, McCombs, Ballantyne, and Delmonte) just completed teaching our first 100k Group Mastermind.

That's where we take 34 fitness professionals, and lead them stet-by-step to building their very own hundred thousand dollar a year information product.

We had SUCH A BLAST... The ENERGY in this group was AMAZING!

Can you imagine... in the next 12 months, 34 fitness professionals will will make an ADDITIONAL $100k income stream by helping thousands of others with their info products.

For example, "mean" Jannine Murray who is a top personal trainer in Victoria BC will have an info product coming out that is going help women all over the world have the perfect bootie...

And I feel like by helping Jannine, to help make better booties world wide, I'm actually helping create WORLD PEACE.

...What? I do! LOL

One of the coolest parts for me, was to watch my little brother David Tendrich gave a smash hit presentation on how to write money sucking sales copy.

picture-171But ya want to hear something funny/cute...

David and his girlfriend Lou Lou, crashed in my hotel room Friday night.

And ya know how it's usually the guy who spoons the girl...

Well, when I woke up, I looked over and Lou Lou was sleeping behind my bro, holding him, with her arm and leg draped over him.

He looked so sweet in Lou Lou's arms...

Like a little baby gazelle being help by a lion.

And I had a little moment LOL...

But here's what I want you to check out...

My brother just did a KILLER fitness marketing guest post on how to do a super genius Thanksgiving promo

How To Vaporize Bad Days…

Posted by on November 6, 2009 at 9:13 pm


Pretty intense stuff, huh -

However these two stories changed my life.

They have (so far) allowed me to NEVER have a bad day.

My Office Infiltration Fitness Marketing Referral Method

Posted by on November 4, 2009 at 10:49 am

picture-581What the heck do coyotes, stuffed animals and mountain lions have to do with a badass fitness marketing referral system?

"Here's My Fun, Cheap And Kick Butt Fitness Marketing Referral System Called The Office Infiltration Method"

Economy what?

Economy Who?
When you have system after system after system of outta the box, little or no cost client attraction methods like the ones you're learning each week - You say economy, eshonomy!

Here is my "Office Infiltration referral Method" and what it has to do with coyotes and mountain lions.


33 Cool Tips To Boost Your Fitness Marketing

Posted by on November 2, 2009 at 12:24 am

picture-51I hope you had a super cool Halloween.

We hung out with the Keuilian's and the kids had a blast.

It's about 11:00pm on Sunday and I'm about to hit the sack.

But first I wanted to give you a list of 33 fitness marketing success tips so you can start off your November with a BOOM!

Enjoy -

1. Read or get the Audio Cd of How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  This book changed my life.

2. Read or get the Audio Cd of The Power Of Intention by Wayne Dyre.  Awesome book for learning the way to think for maximum success attraction.

3. Watch the DVD or get the Audio Cd of The Secret.

picture-5214. Subscribe to for the ultimate fitness marketing strategies from my BFF Bedros Keuilian.

5. Visit for big Chris McCombs' killer lifestyle and fitness marketing tactics.

6. Learn how to get TONS of new clients by writing cash pulling sales copy from my little genius brother David Tendrich's blog

7. Learn the latest fitness marketing methods that me, Bedros and McCombs are doing to dominate the industry with the Fitness Marketing Manifesto.

8. Open multiple 6-figure boot camps run by other trainers so you can finally experience the same financial freedom and lifestyle that me and Bedros do with your very own Fit Body Boot Camp.

Fitness Marketing Hero’s

Posted by on October 28, 2009 at 3:21 pm

picture-421picture-46So I'm feeling pretty fired up right now.

And instead of talking about boot camp marketing and fitness marketing to make money, I'm gonna plead with you to learn ALL the client getting secrets that you can so you can help STOP this child abuse.

Sure, the money and material things are great, but having your fitness marketing dialed in is about HELPING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PEOPLE!

That's why we became fitness professionals in the first place right.

Before I  jump on a plan and head back to Cali from speaking at the Fitness Info Summit in Orlando Florida, I'm gonna TELL and SHOW you why I you to be a kick ass fitness marketer.

I took my family to Disney World and I saw something terrible, and it's happening all over America.

Parents are shoving the same disgusting and poisonous crap down their kids mouths that made them (the parents) OBESE!


I know they HAVE to LOVE their kids... RIGHT?

Well then seriously... W... T...F!

(I just realized I'm probably gonna break my laptop from hitting the keys so friggin hard... BUT I'M PISSED!)

I know the excuse is that maybe they just DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER.

But how can they NOT know???

If they weigh 300+ pounds, and have to waddl when they walke, or even worse, use a motorized wheel chair just to get around, then how the hell can they think that the same thing wont happen to their kids?


I took some pics with my iphone so you can see why I'm FREAKING OUT!

Two Simple Secrets To Massive Productivity

Posted by on October 27, 2009 at 7:31 am

picture-331I hope you had an incredible weekend!

I spoke at the Fitness Info Summit in Orlando Fl. on Friday and Saturday and had a TOTAL BLAST.

My presentation was on how to set your brain on "Automatic Success Mode"

It was so awesome to hang out with the COOLEST fitness professionals from all around the world.

During my presentation, I revealed two of my "secret weapons" for getting MASSIVE amounts of stuff done in my fitness business.

These two productivity secrets are SO SO SO SO easy, and you can implement them into your fitness business right away.


My first secret to getting TONS done is using "The List"

Just draw a big "T" on a piece of paper.

On top of the left side write the word DOMINATE, and on the right side put DELEGATE.

On the "dominate" side, write down the top things that you absolutely must do yourself, to propel your business forward.

Example - Marketing, talking to 20 people a day about getting on your program, closing new clients...

On the "delegate" side list the things that you can have someone else (your assistant) do to both maintain and grow your business.

Example - Putting ads on craigslist, paying bills, processing credit cards...

Here's what the list should look like (below)

8 Seven Figure Fitness Marketing Secrets

Posted by on October 20, 2009 at 10:53 pm

I hope you had an AMAZING weekend

I just got back from my best bud Bedros's 7 Figure Master Mind in Las Vegas.

I had a total blast and learned a TON of outta-the-box fitness marketing strategies.

But a ton of shenanigans go on at these events.

Just take a look at Leanne Ellington lol...

And in case you've never been to a fitness marketing mastermind, what happens is 15 of the top fitness professionals lock themselves in a room for two days and brainstorm on how to take our fitness businesses to the NEXT LEVEL!

(It cost $13k a piece just to be in this group)

And I thought it would be really cool to share with you 8 fitness marketing "take-a-ways" that I got.

These are some high level "ah-ha's"

So here are 8 fitness marketing tips from the 7-figure mastermind.

Enjoy -

picture-241. You can't get someone to buy your product by instilling a fear in them, but you can awaken one that they already have.

2. You can't motivate someone to take an action, without first stirring up their emotions.

3. People don't want to be SOLD but they all want to BUY.

4. If you want someone to do something, make them feel like it was their idea.  In other words, make someone think that the action that you want them to take was THEIR own conclusion.

How To Get Fitness Clients From Craigslist

Posted by on October 19, 2009 at 12:21 pm

picture-12Hey - Bedros and I are just getting ready to leave Las Vegas and head back home.
We had a blast and got TONS of stuff done 🙂

(Be sure and ask me about the "little incident" when you see me and my bro David at the Fitness Info Summit

But before we take off, I wanted to show you a simple, but POWERFUL client getting strategy that my brother David uses for Craigslist.

So if ya want to get boat-loads of clients for free of of CL, then check out this strategy below.

And if you interested in jumping on board the worlds most dominating boot camp system, before your territory is gone for good, then go here.

Ok, now check out this killer craigslist fitness marketing strategy.

Here's one more tested-to-work secret from my brother David's Craigslist bag o' tricks